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Fling is a new suite of internet protocols that perform the function of DNS, TCP, and UDP in a manner that's both untraceable and untappable. Fling protects clients from servers, servers from clients, and both from an eavesdropper in-between. The result is that anyone can serve or retrieve any data, without fear of censure.

[2004-Aug-28] At the moment, Fling's wiki site is down, because I haven't the attention to keep it current. Fling itself is still in development and has been redesigned again. The new design is: Fling will be a plug-in for JXTA, providing a "virtual" peer-group where all the normal JXTA behaviors exist, but anonymity is protected. This will allow me to leverage the various third-party add-ons for JXTA. Also, the peer ID system of JXTA provides the perfect pseudonym - anonymous, yet unique. This should allow easy creation of reputation systems.

I apologise for my slowness. I hope that from extended consideration, Fling will be more useful once it is eventually released.

Created and owned by Julian Morrison (remove the spam trap ;-)

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